"I have an older Ford that has finally started to need some work done. About six months ago the alternator was the first thing to go. I decided "like an idiot" to go for a cheap fix and hire one of the "Craigs List" mechanics. I warn you now, dont ever do that. He practically destoyed a whole mess of things while also breaking my alternator, trying to put it in. I had autozone test the check engine light and thats when they discovered what he had "ACTUALLY" done to my vehicle. Autozone made a call to Auto Smart Auto Repairs for me and set me up to get my car fixed right. They ordered the parts they needed and I dropped my car off at Auto Smart. When I went in to pick up my car, they ended up telling me that they were sorry for the "Shab Job" from the "Craigs Lists, so called Mechanic" I had recieved and that there would be no cost to me except for the parts. What a shocker that was for me! I told them that they had earned my buisness for life. I have taken my vehicles to them a few times since then for other mechanical issues and I tell you what.......This is a place with integrity that stands behind there work. Just recently I had a problem with my car not staying started. I had my car run into them, just to be sure there was no major things wrong with it. They discovered a couple vaccum lines that were just old and wore out. They replaced them and once again this time they did not charge me for the parts or the service. They told me that they should have caught that when the car was in there prior, two weeks before. I cant say enough about what good things they do and the service that Auto Smart has given me. I told my father and he also was blown away about the quality of service this place provides. So, if you are looking for a place to take your vehicle and want to make sure you get your vehicle done right and with a guarantee of there work and not cost you an arm and a leg, then I would say Auto Smart is your best and "MY" only option. this place has earned my buisness for life." 
- Alan (via Google Reviews)

"Omaha Chamber of Commerce,
       When visiting your city recently, my car developed car problems which required the vehicle to be towed.
I have towing insurance and the company sent was Auto 1 Towing. Rick Larsen, Owner/Operator, out of Omaha. What a wonderful experience! The towing truck arrived and in a few minutes had my vehicle lifted up and ready to be towed. The company has a repair shop, Auto Smart Repair,  which meant I did not have to look for a repair shop. By the next day, my vehicle was repaired and ready for me to pick up. The office staff was pleasant and very helpful. Your community and this company is what makes this country great.You may use this letter as you choose.
P.S. The mechanic explained what needed to be done to the car and the invoice was very reasonable."

"Auto Smart Repair,
Thanks so much for your fantastic customer service! It is never a good feeling when your kid calls to tell you they are stranded, but we were so fortunate to be given your business card at Perkins. The lady that gave it to us told us we would be treated great & fairly. Both were true!
Thanks again,
The Schueman Family"

Dear Jay,
I can't let another day go by without thanking you for your prompt attention when one of our employees was experiencing mechanical problems with the vehicle he was driving. My understanding was you went above and beyond the call of duty to help Brian. Services like yours is rare in business these days, and I don't want my appreciation to go unstated.
With Warmest Regards,